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Back up Camera Monitoring Systems (Backeye) and (360)

Camera systems for heavy duty trucks and heavy equipment have brought driver vision into the twenty first century offering wider angles of view and multiple images on a single monitor. They can help eliminate blind spots to prevent costly vehicle damage and ultimately save lives.

Vehicle blind spots are a huge contributory factor in collisions in all industries. The substantial height and length of many vehicles and machines greatly limit driver visibility. Operator positions, bodywork panels, absent rear windows and bulkheads all create further restrictions.

Camera systems have been out on the market for some time however it has only been recently that this has been adopted as a best practice by many corporations and companies that are in the commercial transport and construction industry.

Studies completed by the NHTSA show that cameras can help lower vehicle incidents by 50%! Taken from (national highway traffic safety administration- NHTSA)

Camera systems by Brigade are not your everyday automotive camera. We sell high grade components to ensure that when you need it most it’s there. Many systems do not have shielded cables, water tight connections and mounts that will allow the pounding of day to day use in the commercial transport and equipment industry.

We offer a wide range of cameras and monitors to fit every customer’s needs. We also have the ability to work with customer to custom tailor any unit or system to meet their specific needs. We don’t only sell Brigade equipment but use it ourselves on our own vehicles in everyday applications.

Backeye 360

Brigades’ new Backeye 360 system is on the cutting edge of technology and is helping drastically reduce the risk of accidents in large commercial and industrial vehicles. With 4 cameras attached to the front and sides of the vehicle or equipment the images are then blended together to give the driver a bird’s eye view of his surrounding on one screen.

No matter which heavy plant or commercial vehicle you operate, Brigade has your blind spots covered. With a choice of either Backeye® 360 Elite system (powered by ASL360), offering ultimate flexibility and extensive customization for all vehicle types, or Backeye® 360 Select for standard “box body” vehicles with some personalization and quick calibration. Both systems offer the following features and benefits:

  • Comprehensive “all-round” view of vehicle in a single image
  • Four ultra-wide-angle cameras covering all blind spots
  • Real-time, smooth video output
  • Customizable triggers available for various views
  • Viewing area and distance configurable to suit vehicle type and application
  • Compatible with your existing Brigade monitors

We have had huge success with the 360 system thus far and is on several company trucks in the film transport business to aggregate construction with drivers raving about the benefits and ease of use of this system.

Download Backeye 360 Select Brochure

Download our Backeye Camera Monitor Systems Brochure