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Right Trucks Blog

October 16th, 2017


Trucks can be useful for a variety of jobs and needs. Whatever the job, there is a truck out there that already is, or can be, specialized to fit the need exactly. The challenge will be sorting out exactly which options available on the market will be needed to find the perfect balance to suit your business’ needs. Factors to consider include payload, trailering, cargo management, crew capacity, and driving conditions.

What will the truck be expected to haul? Ensuring that the truck you purchase is fit to haul the weights you will require should be one of the first things that you check. Factors included in this will be engine size and type, and payload. Depending on the weight of the intended loads, you may need to decide between a single or double axle truck. It is important to keep in mind, though, that a double axle truck may cost more in maintenance and tire costs.

Driving conditions are also very important to consider when deciding on the type of truck to purchase. Will the truck be used primarily for highways, or for inner-city stop-and-go traffic? Will the truck be driven through hilly or mountainous terrain? Also keep in mind how many annual miles you believe the truck will be expected to operate.

Some other things to make sure to consider are things like – will the truck need to carry crew to a location? If so, how many? Crew cabs are available but can sometimes be more difficult to find.

When shopping for a truck for your business, it is important to analyze what exactly the truck will be doing on a daily basis and balance the business’ needs with the overall cost and expected maintenance of the truck itself. Looking for a truck that matches the payload requirements, and meets the needs of the driving conditions the truck will be expected to deal with will be best in the long run for the company.