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December 28th, 2017


Buying a used Freightliner truck can be a way to get a great deal on a great used truck if you do your research first. Being familiar with the current owner or user of the truck can help big time if you happen to have that luxury – but if you don’t there are some precautions to take to ensure that your new (to you) Freightliner is in tip-top shape to serve you best.

Things to Check on Your Used Freightliner

When looking at a used freightliner, make sure that it has undergone regular maintenance and that it has the engine and drive line specs suitable for what you and your company needs. Proper specs are super important – an underpowered rig for a heavy load can be an expensive mistake.

Ask to see the maintenance history on the engine – has it ever been rebuilt? Some buyers of used rigs opt to rebuild the engine right away as a precaution, as there is no knowing when an engine will require an overhaul. Make sure to check how often the oil has been changed, who did the maintenance on the truck, and take oil samples from the truck. Another key to look at is tire treads – do they have reasonable tread left, or will they need replaced right away?

Buying from a used truck dealer may be worthwhile to you when looking at used Freightliners. For starters, usually you can look into various forms of financing through a dealer which may be the best option for some. Additionally, there is a better chance of recourse in the event of the deal going sour when working with a dealership – a dealership will most likely offer some sort of warranty.

When looking into used Freightliner trucks, make sure you look into the maintenance records and the specs of the truck to ensure it suits the needs of your company. Looking into a used Freightliner truck is bound to be a great addition to your fleet.